Helmet Cleaning

Give your helmet the refresh it deserves.
Whether you require a once off helmet clean or you're after a full fleet to be maintained on an ongoing schedule, we can help!

All brands of respiratory helmets cleaned.

Why should you clean your helmet?
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Accumulation of materials such as dust and debris can hinder respirator performance and effectiveness, meaning users are potentially exposed to hazardous materials.
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Cleaning and maintenance can help to identify any issues and prolong the lifespan of the respirator, saving you money and downtime.
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Regular cleaning and maintenance of respirators provides the user with peace of mind, knowing that their equipment is functioning correctly and providing the necessary protection.
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Ensure you have a fresh, clean fleet of helmets when changing crews.
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Certified Clean

Includes Certified Clean only

Certified Clean plus core icon
Certified Clean + Core Parts


  • Certified clean
  • Core Parts replaced
Core parts charged separately

based on helmet type

Premium Clean plus Refurb icon
Premium Clean + Refurbishment


  • Certified clean
  • Particle Filter
  • Pre Filter
  • Replacement Lenses
  • Sweat Band
  • New Face Seal
Flat rate for all helmet types

All brands of respiratory helmets cleaned!

Including but not limited to:
Maxisafe PAPR
Scott Safety Proflow PAPR
Speedglas G5-01 PAPR
Sundstrom PAPR
3M Versaflo PAPR
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All Helmet cleans are returned with a detailed report.
Don't just take our word for it.
"Reliable, quick turnaround. The conveniency of getting the helmets cleaned at the supplier is they have parts to service and repair."
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"We at Downer Workshop in Gladstone highly recommend ACL for the cleaning and repairs of our Airfed helmets. They are cleaned, sterilised and repaired to as-new condition. Their service is prompt, efficient and very professional."
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