Plasma Cutters

Top-tier plasma cutters for sale

Getting ready for your next project? A plasma cutter is what you need to work through metal and deliver a clean finish with absolute precision. These heavy-duty machines are built to suit a wide variety of applications – from sheet metal fabrication to automotive and site work, and ducting repair and maintenance.

Whatever you need, ACL has all the best brands on the market to help you get the job done – including models from Hypertherm, Unimig and Cutforce.

Why use a plasma cutter?

This technique is used to cut through conductive materials such as metal, alloys, stainless steel and aluminium.

These tools feature a heat-resistant torch that produces a high temperature stream of plasma to cut through metal with speed, accuracy and precision, all with minimal effort. The torch is typically backed by a powerful air compressor, generator or inverter to help get the job done.

Absolute power and precision

Here at ACL, we have all the best models and products for sale, with all the best brands on the market. We primarily specialise in offering the Hypertherm Powermax range, along with Unimig Razor, Unimig Viper and Cutforce models. These brands are renowned throughout the industry for their superb quality, performance and dedication to precision.

The top of the line Powermax125 is built to handle the toughest of jobs. This model features cut speeds that are five times faster than oxyfuel when cutting through steel, with multiple torch styles designed to take on a variety of different jobs, and its Duramax Hyamp torch designed to be high impact and heat resistant.

The Razorcut80 is lightweight and fully portable, offering a high level of versatility. For further information and advice, get in touch with the team at ACL today. We’re on hand to answer all your niggling questions and help you get the job done.