New Welding Fume Exposure Standard

New Welding Fume Exposure Standard

Posted by ACL Team (Credit: AWS) on 24th Jan 2024

In September 2023, SafeWork Australia voted to immediately lower the Workplace Exposure Standard for Welding Fume from 5mg/m3 to 1mg/m3.

In January 2024, Work Health and Safety Ministers endorsed the decision to change legislation in Australia. All Australian workplaces must now comply with the new lower limit by law.

This reduction to the standard sends a clear message to the welding industry: welding fume is serious, and action is required. If you are a welder, work with welders, know a welder, or employ welders, it’s important that you educate yourself on what has
changed and what can be done to reduce exposure to welding fume.

Find out more in this brochure:

How can welders reduce exposure to welding fume?