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Browse our premium range of welding equipment

We know what a successful weld requires. Here at ACL, we carry everything you need to get the job done, with an endless selection of filler metals, helmets and accessories, along with MIG, TIG, plasma torches and spares designed to suit almost any machine.

We stock all the top global brands – from Zenarc, Hyundai and Cigweld, to ESAB, Lincoln, Speedglas and RPB. Our MIG (metal inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas) wires are all produced to the highest quality and suit a range of applications for various industries.
Whatever you need to fit out your workshop and get ready for your next project, we’ve got you covered.
H2: Welding supplies you can trust
From gas cutting machines to plasma cutters, positioners, turning rolls and soldering equipment, we’ve got the supplies you need to keep you going.

As a trusted welding supply store, we also stock all the helmets, masks, fume extraction and safety equipment required to keep you well-protected across the board. Complete any task at hand with our exceptional welding equipment range, backed by a wide range of cleaning products and chemicals to properly maintain the site afterwards.

Preparation is key

We have inducted heating inverters that will help you preheat and warm up before you start, then reduce tension and hydrogen content to anneal the materials afterwards. Need some submerged Arc wires, flux or electrodes? We’ve also got you covered.

Take a look through our collection to get started. We stock a range of affordable products – including demo models and used machinery from Allclear and ESAB.

We’re here to help

For all further queries and advice, get in touch with the team at ACL by phone 1300 225 935, here online or by email We’re on hand to help you get the job completed with all the best products and safety equipment.