Respirator Rental

PAPR Respirator Rental

The Most Affordable Way to Better Protection Ever!

  • OSHA APF 1000 Respiratory Protection
  • Universal Loose Fit - No Fit Testing
  • PAPR or Supplied Air Kits

Bid Bigger

  • Temporarily expand respiratory protection capacity for new or existing teams.
  • Weekly rate plus cleaning fee in place of capital expenditure.
  • Respirators for every industrial application from construction to welding and fabrication.
  • Customized kits for any work site with PAPR or supplied air devices, filters, hoses, and more.

Protect Better

  • Maximize protection and compliance with all-inclusive kits ready to use upon arrival.
  • NIOSH Certified protection with OSHA Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 1000.
  • Comfortable, loose fitting respirators eliminate fit testing and facial hair concerns.
  • Range of helmets, hoods, shrouds and accessories easily used and maintained.


  • We thoroughly inspect, clean, disinfect, and test every component and ship everything you need to get started straight to your location. Simply unpack the box and get to work!


  • Respirator headtop with airflow device combinations available.
  • Consumables such as disposable lenses, safety lenses, spark arrestors, additional filters, etc. are available, but must be purchased separately.
  • Contact Us to find out more