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Hose & Fittings

  • TTH-BLUE5.5

    Blue Braided Water Hose 5.5x1.5

    Extremely Durable - Braided hose made of high pressure and high duty PVC with smooth interior and exterior that allows easy flow and flushing, light weight, BPA Free, non-toxic.Extremely Flexible - Designed to be lightweight, flexible and durable to...

    $6.00 ex GST
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  • Clear Braided Air/Water Hose


    Clear Braided Air/Water Hose

    Clear PVC with a slight blue tint and is used for a multitude of applications including water, food and air.   Terrific where you need to be able to actually see the contents moving through the hose, this is a very flexible hose that is often...

    $5.80 ex GST
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  • Red Braided Water Hose 5.5x1.5


    Red Braided Water Hose 5.5x1.5

    Heavy duty, ribbed hose gives you high abrasion resistance and kink free use in such applications as fire fighting, mining, agriculture, garden watering etc.Extremely flexible allowing the hose to be coiled for easy storage.

    $6.00 ex GST
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