iKLAS Key Management

iKLAS Key Management

Posted by ACL Team on 1st May 2024

Intelligent Key Lock Application System (iKLAS) is an embedded web based key management system that controls and tracks the usage and movement of keys in all buildings and facilities. The system incorporates advanced technology with a user-friendly interface that can be configured to suit different business and security needs.

Benefits of the product:

• High secured hierarchy operator access control Management.

• Support administrator tier access control levels
• Highly configurable for administrator / operator password standard. To comply IT security password criterial.
• Remote configuration & monitoring of iKLAS EKMS
• Fraud management with audit trial report
• Keys Transaction report generation, various data fields can be selected and filtered for data analysis.
  - Special fields include “The purpose of key drawn” EKMS user photo image footage associate with related record
• Batch data upload & download capability
• 100% daily operation not affected regardless with, or without connected to external computer