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About Us

ACL Industrial Technology are a leading independent Industrial Supplier. Since 1995 we’ve partnered with firms across Australia to deliver high-performing supplier relationships. What started as a small machine repair business with a vision to help others succeed and a passion to support industry, has grown with a dedicated team to expand and service in new, better and different ways.

We have a deep understanding of our customer and industry needs and challenges. We are always thinking ahead by proactively solving problems and eliminating complications and aim to never leave our customers in doubt. 

Connecting industry professionals with world-leading brands, we source and supply a comprehensive range of machinery, welding, safety, abrasives and industrial products. Through our technical application advice and full inventory management solutions we have gained the trust and support of many Australian businesses across broad industry sectors.

ACL creates life-long partnerships by investing time in creating and proposing personalised solutions to suit individual business needs. Working collaboratively with our customers towards building thriving, healthy and sustainable communities.

We don’t consider ourselves just another supplier because that’s simply not what we embody; 
we are business partners, committed to improving the journey. Friendships are made, and relationships are built.