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RPB Safety


Nothing keeps you safer - The world's most advanced respirators

RPB provide solutions that make a business and its people safer, so everyone can go home at the end of the day safe, healthy, and able to enjoy the things they love most.
RPB was founded on the factory floor, with their story beginning in the 1970’s working in industrial blasting. With the heavy helmets being used taking their toll on our workers, they launched their mission to create the world’s best performing respiratory equipment. Not prepared to compromise on safety, they started what has become a 40+ year journey, never satisfied with better, always striving for the best.
RPB are champions for safety standards. Having worked in the industry themselves, they know that safety does not always mean comfort. Their mission is to advance your safety and increase your productivity. They have used the very best creative engineering minds, along with customers and other industry workers input. The result, respiratory equipment that makes the job safer, easier, and ultimately, RPE that you will want to wear each day.



Innovative Design. Made for Comfort.

The RPB Z4 was designed with the primary focus on comfort, reducing aches and strains on your neck and back without sacrificing protection and weighing up to 23% lighter than other brands.



Heavy Industry Protection in Lightweight, Comfortable Packages.

All-in-one respirator systems with cooling and lighting options offer safety and relief in harsh environments. 



Built to Help You Blast Better.

Designed with a focus on comfort and productivity-enhancing features, the RPB Nova 3 has been heralded as the industry's protective equipment benchmark. 



Built for Movement.

The RPB T200 secure fit enables you to move freely around your environment, supporting greater accuracy and precision when painting



Portable Battery-powered Air Filtration System

The RPB PX5 is a compact and versatile PAPR that changes the way people experience clean filtered air across multiple industries. 


Some of our most popular RPB Kits

rpb-z-link-helmet.jpg rpb-z4-helmet.jpg rpb-radiant-heat-helmet.jpg rpb-nova3-helmet.jpg


The RPB Z-Link is the most versatile respirator in the world.

RPB® Z4®

The RPB Z4 is the lightest welding/grinding respirator in the world, designed with your comfort as top priority.


The RPB Z-Link Radiant Heat provides real comfort and protection for high heat environments.


The RPB Nova 3 is the world's most comfortable blasting respirator.