Vending Machines

Take Accountability, Accessibility and Traceability to the next level.

An efficient way to improve production and safety through greater access, range compliance and inventory control.

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Reduces Waste

Tracking and limiting usage shows a decrease in product wastage.

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Detailed Usage Reporting

Control and track product usage with ease.

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Pin Code & FOB Compatible

Allocate employees pin codes or FOBs for access.

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 Increases Accountability

By tracking product usage, employees are held accountable for the products they vend.

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Reduces Costs by up to 40%

Customers typically achieve a usage reduction of between 20-40% by implementing a vending solution, depending on their situation.

Fully Customisable

We can adapt your machine to meet your workshop needs. 

Our team will work with you to find solutions to meet your product requirements. 

Vending compatible products include:

PPE - Gloves, Glasses, Hearing Protection, Safety Vests

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Abrasives Image

Welding Helmet & Torch Parts

Welding Helmet & Torch Parts Image


Batteries Image

Aerosol Cans

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Gas Equipment

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Machine Features

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  • Large 22-inch touchscreen with user-friendly product selection
  • Both pin number and FOB access available, with options to link to existing FOB/RFID/HID access cards
  • Ability to place restrictions on certain items
  • 90-degree door opening for easier refilling
  • LED lighting for a super bright display
  • Adjustable shelving and spirals to accommodate unique products
  • Customisable images and videos once the user is logged in
  • Internal storage cabinet to store back up inventory
  • Up to 60 product selections
  • Product pictures and information can be viewed while making a selection

Automated Inventory Management

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Control and Track Product Usage

  • Super easy to navigate
  • Tracks employee consumption
  • Tracks products dispensed
  • Allocate employee code and/pin number for access
  • Specific job number tracking available to be configured
  • Restrict products to specific individuals or groups

Don't just take our word for it:


Vending Machine Timeline Image
Timeline is based on a rough schedule outline for one standard machine.


 A. ACL machines work just like a snack and drink machine, except products are pre-purchased and employee access is via FOB or pin number.

 A. Our machines can hold up to 10 items across and have 6 trays, holding a maximum of 60 different items. Many products require two spaces so typically a configuration holds approx. 40 items  

 A. This ranges from 3 to 21 depending on the size of the physical item.

 A. Larger items will need to be vend tested but as a guide 225mm wide x 300mm high. A lot does depend on the product structure e.g. Flexible, Solid, Shape etc. If you have a product in mind, we can simply test it and do our best to find a solution

 A. Yes, machines can be reconfigured at any time to accommodate different products, based on high or low usage requirements. Charges may apply.

 A. Yes. Employees can have limits placed on them and specific products can be restricted.

 A. Yes. Most site access cards have recognisable codes that can be configured to the machine but are tested before confirmation. Charges may apply.

 A. Machines run real-time data reports by user, by product or by time period. These can be configured as required.  

 A. Since goods are invoiced to site from ACL, stock in the machine is owned by the customer.

 A. Training will be providing to onsite contacts/s, who will have a key to rectify the issue. ACL phone support is available at any time during business hours.

 A. Typically, the customer will fill it themselves, however it can be filled by ACL in certain situations. Charges may apply.

 A. Customers typically achieve a usage reduction of between 20-40% by implementing a vending solution, depending on their situation.

 A. None. Warranty, parts and servicing are covered under the rental contract. Although abuse and wilful damage will be chargeable.

 A. Access can be revoked, and a new FOB assigned.

 A. The unit does need to be undercover and out of wet weather. Dusty environments are ok provided the touch screen is regularly cleaned.

 A. User presses the start button on the screen, authenticates by Pin or FOB and is presented with a list of products to make a selection.

 A. The physical machine measurements are 1260 x 860 x 1970mm (Width x Depth x Height), however a bare minimum of 1660 x 1700 x 2300mm (Width x Depth x Height) is required to install the machine. This allows for opening doors, antennas on top etc.

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$100 / Month

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