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Vending Machines




Vending Machines have become an efficient way to improve production and safety through greater access, range compliance and inventory control.

The idea of a 24/7 virtual store man is becoming increasingly popular especially with limited personnel resources.

Tracking and limiting usage shows a decrease in product wastage and drives accountability. Our vending machines can be placed in workshops, showrooms and office spaces, providing limitless options with minimal outlay.

We can adapt your machine to meet your workshops needs - from PPE, abrasives, site safety, spare parts and more. Our team will work with you to find solutions to meet your product requirements.

  • Automated Inventory Management, control and track product usage
  • Super easy to navigate
  • Tracks employee consumption
  • Tracks products dispensed
  • Allocate employee code and/pin number for access
  • Specific job number tracking available to be configured
  • Restrict products to specific individuals or groups
  • Ability to configure automated email reports