Optrel Swiss Air

Optrel Swiss Air

Posted by The ACL Team on 9th Nov 2023

Are you breathing unhealthy air in your workplace?

Optrel Swiss Air brings clean breathing air into your environment and lets you breathe as freely as you can.

Many workplaces and public spaces generate pollutant emissions such as smoke, soot particles, particulate matter, or viruses that can enter the lungs through the nose, throat, and trachea, causing asthma, chronic cough, bronchitis, or other respiratory diseases, including lung cancer.

But this is where the Optrel Swiss Air Halfmask PAPR System can help.

With the optrel swiss air respiratory protection system you can enjoy fresh air, completely independent of your activity and your other protective equipment. It lets you perform hazardous work independently and freely.

Perks of the Product

  • Reduction of pain in the neck and back due to a significant reduction in the weight of head, face and eye protection systems. Heavy combination helmets are no longer necessary.
  • Increase the performance of users thanks to positive pressure system, which supports breathing and does not cause any breathing resistance.
Cost savings
  • Lowering investment costs due to the elimination of costly fitting tests (no fit test).
  • Reduction of running costs due to massive saving of paper masks as well as their disposal.
Security of supply
  • Thanks to a reusable half-mask system, supply is guaranteed at all times, even in the event of a shortage in times of crisis.
  • Swiss Air can be used completely self-sufficient, which allows maximum versatility in combination with the appropriate manufacturer-independent occupational health and safety.
Universal applications
  • Swiss Air is as versatile in application as the tasks in industry, trade, construction, medicine or agriculture.
  • By planting a tree for each swiss air system sold, optrel compensates more than just the climate footprint of the respective system.
Swiss Air PAPR System