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Helmet Spare Parts

Helmet Spare Parts

Posted by The ACL Team (Credit: AWS) on 17th Apr 2020

AWS guide to how often you should change your helmet parts.

No two welders are the same. But... every welder needs their welding helmet to be able to weld, and every welding helmet needs to be properly maintained to perform at its peak! To help out, we’ve broken down the recommended change frequencies for each core spare part for your Speedglas welding helmet. It is worth noting that the recommendations provided here are based on a minimum of 4 hours usage per day.

Outer cover lens

As your helmet’s first line of defence, it’s inevitable that your outside cover lens will accumulate scratches and spatter while you work. As such, you should look to change it out whenever the lens becomes deeply scratched or too dirty to clean with a soft cloth. We estimate this will be necessary once or twice a week, though this does of course depend on the conditions under which you are welding.

If you’re working in particularly extreme conditions and find the standard lens is constantly needing to be replaced, you may consider upgrading to either the scratch resistant or high temperature lenses. Built to withstand harsher environments, these should provide more longevity for heavy duty welding applications.

Inner cover lens

The inside cover lens should require less turnover, provided it is looked after and regularly cleaned. Typically, you should only need to replace it once a month, though again this will vary from welder to welder. Put simply, the lens should be replaced whenever it incurs damage or when visibility starts to decrease. It’s worth noting that you should never weld without your inside cover lens inserted, as it protects the auto-darkening lens from any dust, sweat or particulates that may cause damage.

Grinding visor plate

You’ve purchased a flip-front welding helmet so that you get an uninterrupted, clear viewing while you grind. So, why not keep it that way? Grinding sparks and particles can cause damage to your grinding visor and impact it’s clarity, so we suggest looking to replace this every 2 weeks, or more often in the event that visibility is reduced.


Welding isn’t all glamour; there is sweat involved. The sweatband inside your helmet can make all the difference, so be sure to put in a fresh one when things start to drift into unhygienic territory. You should be making this switch at least once a month, or more regularly depending on the nature of the work and your surrounding environment. Also, if you’re one of those people who sweats more than most, you’ll need to swallow your pride and stock up accordingly.

Our sweatbands come in packs of 2, 5 and 50, so pick whichever best suits your needs or those of your team.

Face seal

If you’re rocking a Speedglas respiratory welding helmet, this is another item where replacement is largely tied to hygiene. While our recommendation is to replace your face seal every 2 months, you may well need to do so more often. This certainly applies to those working in an especially dirty environment!